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Subsidiary exists as a sculptural assemblage consisting of a digital frame device mounted between two tablet holders. On the screen of the device plays a looped gif image of a tree branch situated within a rainforest. Careful arrangement of these elements shows the framed image bridging the space between the two poles from each tablet holder. 

Using physical objects that carry a measure of ubiquity in day-to-day life, found in both domestic and public spaces, suggests a concern that is shared by all in a utopian ideal. Further compounding this comes the integration of a moving image in the form of a static shot showing a solitary tree branch that seems to act as an illusory connection between the two stands – bearing parallel to businesses increasingly codify their symbolic gestures through audience-seeking activates and signaling conformity to social demands. 

Subsidiary (2021)
Digital frame, tablet holder floor stands, .gif file. 60cm x 40cm x 1.4cm x 140cm.

Copyright @ 2024 Peter Barnard

Peter Barnard

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