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Peter William Barnard



1987 - Born in London, United Kingdom

           Lives and works in Buckinghamshire





2009-2012 - Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. Winchester, UK.



Selected Group Exhibitions


2023 – Open Studios, Acme. London, UK.

2022 - Gathered Pearls. Tour Saint-Aubin/Chapelle Saint-Lazare. Angers, France.

2021 - U(Dys)topia(s): Envisioning the futures. Young Blood Initiative. Fitzrovia Noir. London, UK

2020 - I am. Musselab. Sablé, France.

2020 - Wake Up & Smell the Tear Gas! Young Blood Initiative. Fitzrovia Noir. London, UK.

2020 - Quarantine I. HOTE Gallery. Online.

2020 - Environmental Crisis: Art and Science Exhibition. Gerald Moore Gallery. London, UK.

2019 - Works on Paper. ArtWest. The Collective Old Oak. London, UK.

2019 - Architecture of Mind. Curated by Seeta Muller and Penka Mincheva. >top. Berlin, Germany.

2019 - The infinite Wheel of Time. Young Blood Initiative. Queen’s Parade. London, UK.

2019 - What Climate?! HOTE Gallery. Alhambra, California, USA.

2018 - The Difference Between You and Us. Five Years. SKELF. Online.

2018 - The Authentic Fake. Young Blood Initiative. Blasé House. London, UK.

2018 - It Sounds Devicive! Fringe Arts Bath Festival. Bath, UK.

2017 - [IN]sane: Altered States of Mind. Young Blood Initiative. 44 Ashdown Crescent. London, UK.

2017 - Float. Showcase: identity. Firstsite. Colchester, UK. 

2017 - Eden. Participate Contemporary Artspace. Shrewsbury, UK.

2017 - KUUKI: the things we take for granted, but cannot live without. Roper Gallery, Bath Artists' Studio. Bath, UK.

2017 - 14 Ways To Get Rich Quick. Scaffold Gallery. New Art Spaces Bolton. Bolton, UK.

2016 - Pitch In! Public Space One. Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

2016 - AFK. isthisit. Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight. New Cross. London, UK.

2016 - Artwest Open Studios. Acme Studios. London, UK.

2016 - Fragile Existences. isthisit. Online.

2016 - Sound Yard. IKLECTIK Art Lab. London, UK.

2016 - One Minute Films. The New Bohemian Gallery. Brainerd, Minnesota, USA.

2016 - SIXTY. Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes. London, UK.

2016 - Concept. Scene, The Depot. London, UK.

2015 - Need & Error. Co-curated by Seeta Muller & Iffy Tillieu. Zsenne Art Lab. Brussels, Belgium.

2015 - Need & Error. Co-curated by Seeta Muller & Iffy Tillieu. A.P.T Gallery. London, UK.

2015 - Sound | Place. St James Hatcham Church. Goldsmiths, University of London. London, UK.

2014 - Solent Summer Salon. Mettricks. Southampton. UK.

2014 - Transnational Express. The Auricle. Christchurch, New Zealand.

2014 - A Europe for All, by All. Hundred Years Gallery. London, UK

2013 - Winter Exhibition. The Bank. Suffolk, UK.

2013 - Parallel Moment. tAd Gallery. Denton, Texas, USA.

2013 - AMORPHOUS. Sarah & James Arts,  The Darnley Gallery. London, UK.

2013 - PUNK SALON. Schwartz Gallery. London, UK.

2013 - Reuse Aloud. NewBridge Project Space. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

2012 - For the Time Being. Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf. London, UK.

2012 - Anti/Matter. BA Fine Art Degree Show. Winchester School of Art. Winchester, UK.

2011 - Atelier. Winchester School of Art. Winchester, UK.



Performances / Events / Broadcasts


2019 - Suíte D’água. Rébus. Athens Art Book Fair. Athens, Greece.

2019 - The Infinite Wheel Of Time. Young Blood Initiative. Resonance FM. London, UK.

2019 - The Ethnographic Ear. Datscha Radio. Taipei, Taiwan.

2019 - The Ear Has To Travel #22 – Revisiting the Soundscape. Cashmere Radio. Berlin, Germany. 

2018 - Radius Sketchpad:  Peter Barnard. Radius. Wave Farm & WGXC 90.7-FM. New York, USA.

2018 - Episode 85: Peter Barnard. Radius. Chicago, Illinois. USA.

2018 - The Authentic Fake. Young Blood Initiative. Resonance FM. London, UK.

2018 - Sonic Darts. Gwaith Swn. Resonance FM. London, UK.

2017 - An evening of listening. Rounded Radio. SET. London, UK.

2017 - Radiofare. Dublin Digital Radio. Dublin, Ireland. 

2017 - Decoding Sensations. Young Blood Initiative. New River Studios. London, UK.

2016 - Sonophilia. The Collection. Lincolnshire, UK.

2016 - 63HZ. 8MANA. Eiger Studios. Leeds, UK.

2015 - The Listening Booth (preview). Art Licks Weekend. G George. Radio Anti. London, UK.

2015 - 3-Day Sound Art Festival at Salon des Refusés. Sonica.FM. SPACE. London, UK.

2015 - 60x60 Wave Farm Mix. Pioneer Works. New York, USA.

2015 - 60x60 Wave Farm Mix. Wave Farm & Vox Novus. New York, USA.

2014 - The Dark Outside FM. Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park. Scotland.

2014 - Performing Worlds Apart. Worlds Apart by Kjetil Berge. Five Years. London, UK.

2014 - The stranger that is next to me. Curated by Brandon Labelle. Errant Bodies. Berlin, Germany.

2014 - The stranger that is next to me. Curated by Brandon Labelle. Echoes & Lisbon, Portugal. 

2014 - The Soundart Show. BCB Radio. Bradford, UK. 

2013 - Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces. Curated by Touch & Art Assembly. The Peckham Pelican. London, UK.

2013 - Evanescent Continents. Human Fiction Tartini. X Marks the Bökship. London, UK. 

2013 - Intermission: Audio portraits of place. Curated by Jennie Savage. Echoes. Lisbon Architecture Triennale & Stress.Fm. Lisbon, Portugal. 

2013 - Lights Out Listening Group. The Old Hairdresser's, Stereo. Glasgow, Scotland. 

2012 - We Are Collective. Chapel Arts Studio. Andover, UK.



2019 - Open Projections. Coventry Cathedral. Coventry, UK.

2018 - Moss Index vol. 1. Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco,  California, USA.

2018 - Goals Envisioned: Sustainable Futures. Curated by Ashok Vish & New Art Exchange. mac, Birmingham, UK.

2017 - Goals Envisioned: Sustainable Futures. Curated by Ashok Vish & New Art Exchange. Bengaluru Fantastic, Rangoli Media Arts Center. Bangalore, India.

2017 - EVE. Bloc Projects. Sheffield, UK.

2016 - Collection of Collections. The Museum. Leipzig, Germany

2016 - London Experimental Film Festival. Container Gallery, University of East London. London, UK.

2016 - Film Stripping. Centrum. Berlin, Germany. 

2016 - Collection of Collections. Deptford Cinema. London, UK.

2015 - Magic Lantern. 44AD Artspace, Fringe Arts Bath Festival. Bath, UK.

2015 - The Programme. Hanover Project, University of Central Lancashire. Preston, UK.

2014 - Teststrip - Sound and Silence. Curated by Seeta Muller. A.P.T Gallery. London, UK.

2014 - Open Screenings. Whitechapel Gallery. London, UK.

2013 - ArtLacuna Film Festival. ArtLacuna. London, UK.

2012 - Milk TV Launch. Milk: Presents in association with F for Fake. Tamesis Dock. London, UK.


Conference / Symposiums


2012 - In/From The Out. Blank Media Space. Manchester, UK.



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Peter Barnard

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